Board of Directors

Dr. David Ellwood
, Chair
Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
Winter Harbor, ME and Winchester, MA

Mr. David Manski, Vice-Chair
Retired National Park Service
Bar Harbor, ME

Dr. Kathleen M. Nauss, Secretary
Retired Toxicologist/Environmental Health Scientist
Winter Harbor, ME

Mrs. Katherine W. Heidinger, Treasurer
Retired Journalist, Editor and Instructor of Journalism
Winter Harbor, ME

Dr. James H. Andrews
Professor Emeritus, Youngstown State University
Sorrento, ME and Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Kenneth Cline
Professor, College of the Atlantic
Bar Harbor, ME

Mrs. Edith R. Dixon
Civic Leader and Philanthropist
Winter Harbor, ME and Palm Beach, FL

Mrs. Ellin Dixon Miller
Retired Elementary and Middle School Educator
Winter Harbor, ME and North Palm Beach, FL

Mr. Alan Goldstein
President and CEO, Alan J. Goldstein Management
Winter Harbor, ME and Key Largo, FL

Dr. Mark H. Kryder
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Northeast Harbor, ME and Boston, MA

Mr. David MacDonald
President and CEO, Friends of Acadia
Mount Desert, ME

Dr. Gary Machlis
Professor, Clemson University
Central, SC

Mr. Stephen Myers
Retired Applied Computer Technologist / Entrepreneur
Winter Harbor, ME and Dallas, TX

Mr. Sheridan Steele
Retired National Park Service
Bar Harbor, ME and Littleton, CO

Katharine F. Wellman, PhD
Marine Environmental Economist
Sorrento, ME and Seattle, WA


Mr. Kevin Schneider
Superintendent, Acadia National Park
Bar Harbor, ME


Dr. Don Kent, Ex Officio
President and CEO, Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park
Winter Harbor, ME

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