Citizen Science

Citizen science is a way for people to learn about the world around us through meaningful participation while advancing research and monitoring. Schoodic Institute works with the National Park Service and other partners to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in citizen science programs in Acadia National Park, other public lands, and also regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Latest Projects

Schoodic Institute announces citizen science workshops

Schoodic Institute offered free two-day practical, hands-on citizen science project design workshops. Participants learned to apply principles of good citizen science design to a project, or project idea and walked away with an actionable framework for their citizen science project(s), citizen science project skills, and a network of practitioners to help them in the future. More HERE.


 The Schoodic Spruce Citizen Science Project

How will the forests of Acadia and Maine look in the future? Which tree species will thrive and which may decline? Will we continue to see a red spruce dominated landscape or will more warm-adapted species such as oaks, maples, and birches overtake the forest? These are some of the science questions we’re pursuing at Schoodic Institute. Join in the science and help us discover solutions. More HERE.



The Schoodic Phenology Trail

The Schoodic Phenology Trail was created to help advance scientific research here in the park and throughout all of Downeast Maine all while providing the opportunity to engage citizen scientists in the data collection process. What is Phenology? Phenology, or nature’s calendar, is the study of plant and animal life cycle events. It includes tracking the timing of flowering and fruiting plants, emergence of insects, and bird migrations. More HERE.

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