Ecosystem Science

From a welcome center to brief presentations to chances to participate as a citizen scientist, to in-depth residential workshops and multi-day tours, from introductory experiences to long-term volunteer opportunities, Schoodic Institute offers many life-long learning opportunities.

Bird Ecology

Join Schoodic Institute and the Maine Birding Trail on exciting multi-day birding adventures in Maine, and learn how citizen scientists advance our understanding of bird ecology and migration. Learn more HERE.


Forest Ecology

The Forest Ecology Program focuses on understanding our dynamic world, engaging learners of all ages in field-based research, and developing effective stewardship responses to global change threats. Learn more HERE.


Freshwater Ocean Ecology

Fresh, brackish, and salt waters are among the most vital and vulnerable components of the Acadia National Park region’s natural resources. Schoodic Institute studies Acadia’s waters and the factors affecting them – and engages the public in research and learning. Learn more HERE.


Citizen Science Opportunities

Citizen science is a way for people to learn about research through meaningful participation. Schoodic Institute works with the National Park Service and other partners to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in citizen science programs in Acadia National Park and also regionally, nationally, and internationally. Learn more HERE.

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