Authentic Science

Sumner Memorial High School students to present to shellfish committee in Gouldsboro March 20

Over the past year, Schoodic Institute worked closely with Sumner Memorial High School’s Pathways Program and with the town of Gouldsboro to support the town’s shellfish committee. The students received support from Mike Pinkham, Gouldsboro’s clam warden, Bill Zoellick, Schoodic Institute’s Education Research Director, and Kyle Pepperman, field scientist at the Downeast Institute. They gathered

A Great Day in the Mud: Seeing What is Possible

  By Bill Zoellick, Schoodic Institute Education Research Director On a recent Wednesday when we had a good, mid-day low tide, I was reminded why I do what I do. Eighteen sixth and seventh grade students from the Edna Drinkwater School in Northport joined me in setting up experimental plots on a clam flat that will allow them to

Schools Making a Difference

  Sumner Memorial High School (SMHS) students have been helping the shellfish committees in Gouldsboro and Steuben gather data to help manage the towns’ softshell clam fisheries. On Thursday, March 1, 2018 they travelled to the Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockland to present posters that described their work and plans for the coming year. See

Taking the Measure

  By Bill Zoellick, Schoodic Institute Education Research Director What did we find? That was the question that Sumner Memorial High School Students began to answer this past week as they analyzed the samples that they helped collect from John Small Cove on October 27. (Click here for the pictures and story about that sample collection.) What

Authentic Need, Authentic Work, Authentic Science

  By Bill Zoellick, Schoodic Institute Education Research Director Schoodic Institute uses the word “authentic” in its work with Sumner Memorial High School to describe science learning that addresses real problems and needs; science learning where people outside the school want the data that the students collect. It is also authentic because students learn, first hand, that

How Students Help Manage a Resource

  By Bill Zoellick, Schoodic Institute Education Research Director As I write this it is heading toward late October and we are deeper and deeper into work aimed at providing a better understanding of how to manage softshell clam resources in Gouldsboro and Steuben. This is the first of what will be many stories that

Science,​ ​Community,​ ​and​ ​Schools:​ ​Data​ ​with​ ​Consequences

This fall Schoodic Institute initiated a project with Sumner Memorial High School (SMHS) that connects the SMHS Pathways program, Marine Trades program, Integrated Studies program, and marine biology class with the local shellfishing community’s need for help with soft-shell clam research. Working with Heidi Leighton of the Department of Marine Resources (DMR), shellfish warden Mike Pinkham, and shellfish committees