close up view of rockweed

Marine Ecology

Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide: Women of Acadia’s Intertidal Zone

close up view of rockweed

by Catherine Schmitt, Science Communication Specialist To find these creatures, to study their habits and organization, to consider the wonderful order of nature, leads through delightful paths into the realms of science…the simple observation of the curious objects which lie at one’s feet as one walks along the beach is a delightful pastime. – Augusta

The nuts and bolts of monitoring ocean conditions

On a sunny Friday in February, Marine Ecology Program Director Hannah Webber sent an automatic water monitoring instrument (SeapHOx) out to a site off Schoodic Island for a third year of measuring acidity and other water quality parameters, in collaboration with Acadia National Park. After Webber screwed the sensors and housing back together, “Diver Ed”