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Capture the Night Photography Workshop with Brent Ander

Don’t put your camera away just because the sun has set. With today’s digital cameras, taking photographs at night is easier than ever and a lot of fun. Come join Brent Ander for the Capturing the Night Workshop and examine Astro-Landscape Photography, Night Photography and Light Painting. This workshop is for the amateur to the

Read the Night Sky

Do you want to learn how to “read the night sky”? Join us at Schoodic Institute in Winter Harbor for a night of sky exploration! Retired science teacher, former park ranger and night sky enthusiast, Linda Penkalski will teach you how to read a sky chart and share the many resources available to continue your

Cruising Along the Milky Way

This presentation, beginning indoors, will help you to understand the dimensions of our galaxy, how it was formed, and our location in it. You will learn how recognize several prominent constellation and to find spectacular Milk Way objects—star cluster, glowing nebulae, and more–with binoculars or a modest telescope. If the weather is dry and clear

Puffins of Petit Manan

Atlantic puffins are nesting just a short boat cruise from Schoodic Institute.  We are offering a special guided program package that includes dinner and breakfast, an after dinner slide presentation, an optional morning bird walk, and a 3 hour cruise to see puffins and their neighboring nesting birds at Petit Manan Island. Join Seth Benz, Schoodic