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Fifty years of counting birds on New Year’s Day

By Catherine Schmitt, Science Communication Specialist Two-thousand nineteen dawned gray and windy, after an overnight storm of snow, sleet and rain. At nine a.m. it was raining and 39 degrees at Schoodic Point. Northeast winds piled crashing pale-green waves against the rocks, throwing mist and spindrift into the air. In places the shore was covered

Brown Bag: Hawks Over Acadia

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, Seth Benz, Schoodic Institute’s Bird Ecology Program Director, will review 20 plus years of autumn hawk migration trends from Cadillac Mountain. Each fall from mid-August through mid October teams of observers document thousands of migrating raptors. Benz will discuss peak flights, date ranges, and other changes in migration dynamics. The presentation will

Cadillac Mountain Hawk Watch

Cadillac Mountain Hawk Watch  – on Cadillac Mountain, MDI is underway. The public is invited to drop in between the hours of 10 AM -2 PM,  now through October 10, 2017 barring inclement weather. Witness hawk migration as well as other birds and insects.  Located at the hawk watch site atop Cadillac. Signage is at