What We Offer

Schoodic Institute exists in a close public-private partnership with Acadia National Park.  The Institute supports science and education throughout the Park and the region, creates innovative partnerships, and manages the Schoodic Education and Research Center campus.  Schoodic Institute is a regional catalyst for ecosystem research and education, linked to Acadia’s powerful opportunity to reach millions of visitors.

Education and research at Schoodic Institute are deliberately intertwined, with experts, students, and participants of all ages contributing and learning through innovative Citizen Science projects.

Programs at Schoodic Institute focus on improving knowledge of and interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) while connecting people of all ages to nature through both art and research that informs natural resource managers in a time of rapid environmental change.

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Teacher Professional Development

Schoodic Institute offers exceptional teacher professional development opportunities. with a focus on helping teachers improve science literacy and connect their students to Acadia National Park, the natural world, and the science that will help us understand and respond to rapid environmental change.

Resources for Research

Acadia National Park is a uniquely valuable natural laboratory, in part because of its long history of ecological research and monitoring. Currently 65 to 70 active research projects are underway in Acadia National Park every year.


For generations the rocky coast of Maine has provided inspiration and a backdrop for some of the most innovative thinking. When hosting your event at The Schoodic Institute, you’ll be immersed in the beauty and promise of one of the world’s most scenic areas, Acadia National Park.

Located within more than 2,000 acres of Maine’s Acadia National Park, Schoodic Institute’s setting features easy access to over 10 miles of Maine’s most dramatic ocean shorefront, and miles of peaceful nature trails.

Our modern campus includes a state-of-the-art lecture hall, a variety of meeting and breakout rooms, classrooms, laboratories, dining facilities, and accommodations for more than 100 overnight guests.

Schoodic Education Adventure

Middle school students (4th through 8th grade) attend the acclaimed multi-day, residential outdoor Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) programs led on campus by Acadia National Park educators. Curriculum-based classroom activities and hands-on field experience on the rugged coast of Maine offer unparalleled experience for young students and an exciting way to build science literacy and enthusiasm.

Learning for all ages

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park partners with National Park Service educators to provide exceptional educational experiences to schools in Acadia National Park, and to bring park science to schools. Curriculum-based classroom activities and hands-on field experience offer an invaluable learning experience in a unique setting. Situated on the rugged coast of Maine, the campus is accessible to shoreline, wetland, and forest ecosystems and provides a rich educational environment for students.

Educational & Scientific Partnerships

Innovative partnerships in science education and research are a core strength of Schoodic Institute. We exist in a close, complex, and strong partnership with Acadia National Park, and have cultivated many other partnerships with scientists, teachers, schools, universities, colleges, agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Art and Science at Acadia

Schoodic Institute partners with the National Park Service to host the Artist-in-Residence Program for Acadia National Park, and holds residential art workshops in the inspirational setting of our campus at Schoodic Point. We have a unique opportunity because of our partnership with Acadia National Park to also contribute to the dynamic field that is connecting art and science.