Art and Science at Acadia

Schoodic Institute recognizes the long history of art in Acadia National Park and its value in connecting people to nature through inspiration.

We partner with the National Park Service on the Artist-in-Residence Program for Acadia National Park, and hold residential art workshops in the inspirational setting of our campus at Schoodic Point.

We have a unique opportunity because of our partnership with Acadia National Park to also contribute to the dynamic field that is connecting art and science.

We seek to foster relationships between scientists and artists by providing an inspiring and unrestrictive environment in which participants can work.  We are raising public awareness about the importance of both the arts and sciences in modern culture, by reaching out to the community and younger generations with creative and involved education programs.  We welcome artists and scientists from all over the globe to participate in our programs. We look for individuals and groups who are dedicated to making a contribution to the artistic and scientific community through creative processes.

Artist-in-Residence Program

The Artist-in-Residence Program at Acadia National Park offers professional writers, composers, and all visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape of the park. In the spring and fall, the park provides housing to participants for two-week to four-week periods. No additional stipend is available. Artists are responsible for providing for their own travel and travel expenses.

In return, participating artists are asked to donate to the park collection a piece of work representative of their style and their stay. These creative works will be displayed on a rotating schedule or shared with the public through other appropriate means during the upcoming seasons. Artists are also asked to participate in one public program per week of their residency such as demonstrations, talks, exploratory hikes, or performances. In the fall, artists will be working with fifth and sixth grade students. Programs can be tailored to your medium, interests, and experiences, and only consume a few hours of your stay.

Please note: Any medium that involves collecting or altering park resources would be in conflict with national park preservation goals and would be deemed inappropriate for a residency. Learn more HERE.

Art Workshops

Schoodic Institute’s campus and its spectacular setting in Acadia National Park make it an exceptional base for art workshops.  The Institute develops and hosts some workshops in partnership with Acadia National Park, and is also able to work with art educators interested in leading workshops on our campus. Learn more HERE.

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