Educational & Scientific Partnerships

Innovative partnerships in science education and research are a core strength of Schoodic Institute.  We exist in a close, complex, and strong partnership with Acadia National Park, and have cultivated many other partnerships with scientists, teachers, schools, universities, colleges, agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

In all of our partnerships, Schoodic Institute seeks to facilitate and catalyze contributions to education and research that have potential to provide relevant information of importance to Acadia National Park and the region, or contribute substantially to public understanding and appreciation of science and nature.  We also seek to promote collaboration between researchers, educators, artists, students, and citizen scientists on the Schoodic Education and Research Center campus, throughout the park, and across the region.

Explore the links to the left or below for information about many of our specific partnerships in research and education.

Acadian Program

The Acadian Program is a summer short course focused on large landscape-scale conservation for the next generation of public, private, and non-profit conservation leaders. The program brings participants from around the world to learn about community‐based, landscape scale conservation using the Downeast Maine and Atlantic Canadian region as a living classroom and laboratory. The region, with its remarkable history and promising future, is an extraordinary training ground for participants from North America and abroad. Read More about “Acadian Program”

Citizen Science Association

The Schoodic Institute is a leader in the development of the Citizen Science Association. The mission of the Association is to foster communication, collaboration, and professional development in citizen science.

Acadia Learning

Acadia Learning students and teachers work with scientists to conduct research in their own communities but know that their work contributes to understanding of problems that are of interest to the parks.

AP Summer Institutes©

Schoodic Institute offers Advanced Placement Summer Institutes on the Schoodic Education and Research Center campus in Acadia National Park. The park provides a unique setting for intense work with other teachers and institute instructors.

Citizen Science Opportunities

Citizen science is a way for people to learn about research through meaningful participation. Schoodic Institute is helping lead the development of citizen science internationally. The theme of citizen science runs through many of our public education programs, programs for schools, teacher professional development programs, and research activities.

Schoodic Education Adventure

Middle school students (4th through 8th grade) attend the acclaimed multi-day, residential outdoor Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) programs led on campus by Acadia National Park educators. Curriculum-based classroom activities and hands-on field experience on the rugged coast of Maine offer unparalleled experience for young students and an exciting way to build science literacy and enthusiasm.

Hosting Education Programs

Schoodic Institute’s campus now offers housing and meals for individual researchers, groups and conferences up to 200 people, classrooms, laboratories, and a modern 124-seat auditorium in one of the most inspirational natural settings in the country. We especially seek opportunities to welcome groups conducting education and research programs connected to our mission and of relevance and importance to Acadia National Park. If you’d like to explore a possibility for bringing a course or workshop to Schoodic Institute, please contact us.

Maine Physical Sciences Partnership

Schoodic Institute partners with the University of Maine to bring improved STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to twenty school districts across Maine.

Acadia Teacher Fellowship Program

Have you ever dreamed of being a park ranger and working in some of the most beautiful places in the world? You can make your dream come true by becoming a teacher-ranger with the National Park Service. The nationwide Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program is a unique professional development opportunity for educators to gain hands-on experience in the summer working side by side with park interpreters, researchers, patrol rangers, resource managers, trail crews, and other specialists.

Curriculum-based Field Trips

The multi-day Schoodic Education Adventure is the signature school education program at Schoodic, but Schoodic District Education Ranger Kate Petrie also leads single-day curriculum-based field trips on a variety of topics, from ecology to cultural history. If your school isn’t ready to plan for the multi-day experience, get in touch and consider bringing students for a day!

Research Learning Center

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park partners with the National Park Service to manage the Schoodic Education and Research Center. Schoodic Education and Research Center is both the name of our physical campus on Schoodic Point, and the name of our partnership as the largest of 19 National Park Service “Research Learning Centers” across the nation.