Schoodic Education Adventure

Middle school students (4th through 8th grade) attend the acclaimed multi-day, residential outdoor Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) programs led on campus by Acadia National Park educators.  Curriculum-based and hands-on field experiences on the rugged coast of Maine offer unparalleled experience for students and an exciting way to build science literacy and enthusiasm.

Join Acadia National Park staff for the Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA)!  Bring your 4th through 8th grade students to this rewarding, three-day residential program at the Schoodic Education and Research Center in Winter Harbor, Maine.

This is an invaluable learning experience in a unique setting. Situated on the rugged coast of Maine, the campus is accessible to shoreline, wetland, and forest ecosystems and provides a rich educational environment for students.

“It was a transformative experience for me and my students”

SEA Teacher Institutes
Teacher learning institutes may be available each year, with stipends for participation.

Program Details

The low-cost SEA program is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and integrated across the Common Core. Opportunities for study include math, science, technology, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, and art. Students utilize – and sometimes contribute to – actual scientific research taking place on site. Students practice small-group cooperation and communication skills while attending both ranger and teacher instruction.

Ranger programs cover a wide variety of topics:

  • Biological inventory of a forest
  • Mock archeology dig
  • Geology walk and bedrock geology mapping
  • Forest succession study
  • GPS mapping with computers
  • Marine investigations and population study by tidal depth

A well-stocked teacher’s library is available on site, providing prepared kits about diverse topics. Teachers also have the freedom to bring their own related lessons.  Click here for a complete list of standard available programs.

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Facilities and Staff
The Schoodic Institute campus offers a comfortable learning environment within Acadia National Park. The program emphasizes outdoor learning, but some experiences are in indoor classrooms. The Schoodic Institute campus has a wireless Internet system for laptop users and on-site computer labs.

All students are housed with their own teachers and chaperones in a modern, heated dormitory with four-person bunkrooms. Well-balanced meals are provided; with advanced notice, food allergies and most special diets can be accommodated.

Program staff are trained in subject matter and teaching techniques, as well as First Aid and CPR. The director of the SEA program holds Maine state teaching certification, ensuring that all instruction is curriculum based.

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