Ecosystem Science

From a welcome center to brief presentations to chances to participate as a citizen scientist, to in-depth residential workshops and multi-day tours, from introductory experiences to long-term volunteer opportunities, Schoodic Institute offers many life-long learning opportunities.

Citizen Science Opportunities

Citizen science is a way for people to learn about research through meaningful participation. Schoodic Institute is helping lead the development of citizen science internationally. The theme of citizen science runs through many of our public education programs, programs for schools, teacher professional development programs, and research activities.

Bird Ecology

Join Schoodic Institute and the Maine Birding Trail on exciting multi-day birding adventures in Maine, and learn how citizen scientists advance our understanding of bird ecology and migration.

Presentations & Lectures

Schoodic Institute and Acadia National Park work together to present interesting and dynamic public lectures and other educational opportunities.

Information for Visitors

The Welcome Center at Rockefeller Hall includes interactive displays and information about Schoodic Institute and our partnership with Acadia National Park, local ecology, citizen science, the importance of science to Park resource managers, the history of Schoodic Point and the U.S. Naval Observatory, and art in Acadia National Park.


BioBlitz is a signature citizen science program for Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. During BioBlitzes, huge numbers of arthropod species are documented, many never previously observed at Acadia National Park.