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Doing Research in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a uniquely valuable natural laboratory with a long history of ecological research and monitoring.  Schoodic Institute is also home to a dynamic research community and an array of citizen science opportunities and education programs that offer opportunities for synergy with new research projects.  Currently 65 to 70 active research projects are underway in Acadia National Park every year.

The Institute helped document and digitize thousands of Park research records and museum collections to make them available to researchers and the public.  Acadia National Park research records are now available in a searchable database hosted by the National Park Service.  Tip: Filter your results to Acadia National Park, then enter a search term to narrow your results.  

If you are interested in doing research in Acadia National Park, please also see the Park’s Information for Researchers page.  Schoodic Institute staff help Acadia National Park administer the research program.  Click here to view a list of active research projects in Acadia National Park.  The Acadia Science Symposium is an annual forum that provides an opportunity to learn more about research in Acadia.

Working, living, or meeting at Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park offers:

  • Spectacular physical setting
  • Opportunities to benefit management of a premier National Park
  • Opportunity to interact with a welcoming and dynamic community of researchers, educators, students,  and visitors
  • Opportunity for research to contribute to education of Acadia National Park’s enormous audience of visitors and supporters

These facilities are available for researchers interested in doing field or lab work, running courses, holding workshops, or just getting away to a beautiful place to write a paper or proposal.  For more information about our facilities, see our campus or facility rental pages.

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