Teacher Professional Development

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park offers exceptional teacher professional development opportunities.  Our partnership programs have a particular focus on helping teachers improve science literacy and connect their students to Acadia National Park, the natural world, and the science that will help us understand and respond to rapid environmental change.

Acadia Learning

Acadia Learning students and teachers work with scientists to conduct research in their own communities but know that their work contributes to understanding of problems that are of interest to the parks.

AP Summer Institutes©

Schoodic Institute offers Advanced Placement Summer Institutes on the Schoodic Education and Research Center campus in Acadia National Park. The park provides a unique setting for intense work with other teachers and institute instructors.

Maine Physical Sciences Partnership

Schoodic Institute partners with the University of Maine to bring improved STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to twenty school districts across Maine.

Acadia Teacher Fellowship Program

Have you ever dreamed of being a park ranger and working in some of the most beautiful places in the world? You can make your dream come true by becoming a teacher-ranger with the National Park Service. The nationwide Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program is a unique professional development opportunity for educators to gain hands-on experience in the summer working side by side with park interpreters, researchers, patrol rangers, resource managers, trail crews, and other specialists.