About Schoodic Institute

Schoodic Institute is based within Acadia National Park in a bold physical and inspirational location at Schoodic Point.  The Institute supports science and education initiatives throughout the Park and the region and partners with the National Park Service to manage the Schoodic Education and Research Center campus.

Scientists, educators, and citizen scientists of all ages collaborate on the ambitious vision of a better understanding of the biodiversity and resources of all of Acadia National Park and its region.  Resource managers at Acadia National Park apply the research to manage Acadia’s ecosystems and rehabilitate landscapes to improve their resiliency in the face of challenging environmental changes.

Schoodic Institute links its research community to powerful educational experiences and to opportunities to reach millions of Park visitors each year, including providing opportunities for youth to learn about and be inspired by the out-of-doors.

The Institute is increasingly an intellectual and economic magnet contributing to the Acadia region.  Schoodic Institute provides great benefit to the park and the local economy, with greater impact anticipated in the future.

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Enjoy this short film produced by Regan Alsup to learn more about Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park and our partnership with the National Park Service:

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Download a .pdf about Schoodic Institute and its current growth capital fundraising initiative here: Schoodic Institute Case Statement July 2014.

Mission & History

The mission of Schoodic Institute is to guide present and future generations to greater understanding and respect for nature by providing research and learning opportunities through its outstanding Acadia National Park setting, unique coastal Maine facilities, and innovative partnership programs.

Schoodic Education and Research Center Campus

The Schoodic Education and Research Center campus offers housing and meals for individual researchers, groups, and conferences of up to 200 people; classrooms; laboratories; and a modern 124-seat auditorium. Located within the Schoodic District of Acadia National Park, it offers immediate access to that part of Acadia for research, education, and recreation.

Map & Directions

Schoodic Institute and the Schoodic Education and Research Center are located on Schoodic Point, in Acadia National Park in the town of Winter Harbor, Maine.

Partnership with Acadia National Park

The unique public-private partnership between the Schoodic Institute and Acadia National Park enables the two organizations to work together to bring researchers, educators, and students to the park to use the park’s diverse ecosystems as classrooms and to conduct field research. The Institute expands the traditional role of a national park as a vacation destination into a regional and community catalyst for ecosystem research, conservation training, and education.

Research Learning Center

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park partners with the National Park Service to manage the Schoodic Education and Research Center. Schoodic Education and Research Center is both the name of our physical campus on Schoodic Point, and the name of our partnership as the largest of 19 National Park Service “Research Learning Centers” across the nation.